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Foundation Members

The Brennan Rehabilitation Foundation recognizes the obvious truth that with any organization, it is the people who will ultimately make the mission successful. Below you will find the individuals who are part of the Foundation’s Board and various Committees.

Board Members

Mr. Christopher Brennan
Ms. Colleen Brennan
Mr. Dylan Brennan
Mrs. Carmel Brennan
Mrs. Grace Brennan
Mr. Ryan Brennan
Mrs. Diane Krapf
Mr. Greg Hawver Esq.
Mrs. Kelley Hawver
Mr. Ben Hodes
Mrs. Maeve Hodes, APRN, ACCNP, FNP-BC
Mrs. Courtney Sundstrom

Foundation Committees

The Brennan Rehabilitation Foundation is looking for your expertise and support across our different committees. The following are the Foundation’s current committees, with the individuals who have signed up to chair and participate on them. If you would like to participate on a committee,  please call me at 847-372-7429, and I will make sure you are included on the respective committee emails.

Funding Committee:
Ryan Brennan, Chair
Tom McNabola

Operating Committee:
Terry Brennan, Chair
Chris Brennan

Nominating Committee:
Dr. Robbert Heilbronner, Chair
Janie Walsh

Event Committee:
Diane Krapf, Chair
Courtney Sundstrom

Ryan Brennan
Funding Committee Chair
Terry Brennan
Operating Committee Chair
Dr. Robbert Heilbronner
Nominating Committee Chair
Diane Krapf
Event Committee Chair
Janie Walsh
Nominating Committee Co-Chair

Advisory Board

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Andrews
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bauer
Mr. Christopher Block*
Mr. William Bloodsworth*
Mr. and Mrs. Terence K. Brennan
Mr. Joseph Brennan
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Brennan
Mr. Matthew Brennan, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Brennan
Mr. Patrick Brennan
Mr. and Mrs. Terence D. Brennan Esq
Mr. William Brennan
Ms. Amber Bruce*
Dr. Michael Cardwell
Mr. Adam Craig*
Mr. and Mrs. John Cravens
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Del Missier
Mr. and Mrs. John Del Missier
Ms. Brennan Dwyer
Mr. and Mrs. John Dwyer III
Mr. and Mrs. John Dwyer IV
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Dwyer
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Flaherty
Mrs. Patrica Forsi
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Gannon
Mr. Daniel Golden*
Mr. and Mrs. Bradon Hall
Mr. Pablo and Dr. Ines Janowicz
Dr. Anne Keener
Dr. Ki Kim
Marine Cpl Kelsee Lainhart*

* indicates Socrates Award Grantee

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Lipton
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lipton
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lipton
Dr. Patrick Logan
Mrs. Mya Lynn*
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McNabola
Mr. Christopher Medak*
Mr. Matthew Mittelstadt
Ms. Alex Nawaz*
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. James Noonan
Mr. J.J. O’Connor*
Dr. and Mrs. John E. O’Toole
Mr. and Mrs. David Partington
Mr. and Mrs. William Peterson
Mr. Bryon Riesch*
Mr. Cooper Roberts*
Mrs. Joanna Rolek
Mr. Clay Scherb*
Mr. Ivan Smith*
Mr. and Mrs. William Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Smith
Dr. Thomas Stauss
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Stewart
Mr. Trent Swarthout*
Dr. Julie-An Talano and Mr. Matthew Regan
Ms. Reveca Torres*
Ms. Jennifer Traines
Mr. Daniel Tsutsumi*
Mrs. Janie Walsh