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The Socrates Award

The Socrates Award is presented by the Brennan Rehabilitation Foundation to individuals who best embody the mantra of the Socrates creed, generally derived from the Latin phrase “mens sana in corpore sano” which translates to “Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body.”

After suffering a spinal cord injury, this mantra takes on a new and profound meaning. The challenge of striving for a healthy mind in a healthy body is perhaps toughest when faced with a disability. How does the Socrates creed still apply?

  • Recognition that life itself (like a sport) is, full of incredible highs and frustrating lows
  • Recognition that “a healthy mind” is equally important as “a healthy body”
  • Recognition the daily pursuit of “a healthy mind” and “a healthy body” in the face of adversity — such as disability and a long recovery — is the true testament of one’s character

The Socrates Award will be awarded on an annual basis to recognize the accomplishments of individuals who have suffered spinal cord injuries, but have “doubled-down” on their efforts to live their lives according to the Socrates Award mantra… a “Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body.”

Submit a Nomination for the Socrates Award

Nominations for the 2021 Socrates Award are now open! If you know somebody whom you believe would be an excellent recipient of this award and the ideals it represents, please click here to submit a nomination form.

2020 Socrates Award

The 2020 Socrates Award Grant Winners have been announced! Please click here to read the Brennan Rehabilitation Foundation press release about the individuals who have been chosen.

Find additional coverage of the 2020 Socrates Award Grants in the Daily Herald.

2019 Socrates Award

Congratulations to Christopher Block and Trent Swarthout, recipients of the 2019 Socrates Award, presented at the Brennan Rehabilitation Foundation Annual Meeting in February 2020.

Christopher and Trent both masterfully exhibit the philosophy of the Socrates Award creed.

  • Pursuit of a “healthy mind” to overcome pity & negativity and achieve success & hope
  • Pursuit of “a healthy body” through the daily grind of physical rehabilitation and recovery

History of the Socrates Award

The Socrates Award was established in 2000 by Christopher Brennan during his tenue at Sporting News Radio. It was presented from 2000-2004 at the National Athletic Awards Ceremonies held annually in Detroit, MI.

The original Socrates Awards honored the best and brightest collegiate athletes who achieved a combination of athletic and academic success — in a manner that embodied the Socrates creed while celebrating strength in the pursuit of a “Strong Mind in a Strong Body.”

Among the five recipients of the original Socrates Award were two (probable) future NFL Hall of Famers… not bad!