June 2020 Update


First and foremost, my sincere hope that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy. Our country is experiencing uncertain times with Covid-19, riots, protests and the shelter-in-place orders which has been tough on everyone. However, this is a good time to reflect on how a tetraplegic lives each and every day with non-governmental limits but health and physical limits.

Through our fundraising efforts and generous community support, The Brennan Rehabilitation Foundation will provide much needed supplemental financial programs for medical supplies, home equipment and recovery programs for Tetraplegics in need. An injury causing Tetraplegia to a family member can be financially devastating for a family or even extended family.

There are many ways people can choose to give. Some support areas of highest need through financial contributions and sponsorships. Others donate gifts-in-kind or share the gift of their time and service, volunteering within the Double Down on Disabilities organization supporting fund raising activities. Each and every gift contributes directly to our mission of helping and rebuilding the lives of tetraplegics.

We appreciate the contributions of all our donors, with gifts of every size contributing to our mission of rebuilding lives together. We give special recognition to donors who have made commitments to accelerate our mission’s impact and shine a spotlight on the many individuals and organizations who give to the Fund so generously. Whether your contribution is large or small, your gift is making a difference at the Fund every single day. We take this opportunity to thank you for your generous support.

Our initial fund raising activity raised approximately $35,000 in monetary contributions, and in-kind donations valued at more than $25,000 has been received so far in Fiscal 2020. The Foundation’s goal this year is $250,000 with two additional fund raising activities we hope to hold in 2020. Of course, the viability of those activities depends heavily on the course of the pandemic, but we remain hopeful for an economic rebound and potential vaccine.

It is worth noting that because the Fund is currently run as an all-volunteer organization we have not requested or received any Federal loans. Our resources strictly come from donations and voluntarism.

Volunteers are welcomed members of the team. Whether volunteering at an event or fund raiser, every volunteer’s contribution is appreciated and we are always grateful when our Foundation is chosen. Our volunteers (individual or group) embrace Double Down On Disabilities’ values of honesty, engagement, resilience and teamwork.

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement!

Regards, Chris